Methodology and Timeline

CARING NATURE is an adoption-oriented research and innovation project.
This means that the project’s solutions have to be innovative, more efficient than existing solutions and designed to solve problems of targeted adopters.


To reach its ambitious objectives towards decarbonising the healthcare sector, the project is built on a 3-phase methodology:

  • Gather prospective adopters’ needs and requirements
  • Develop and test the solutions with one end user (health and care providers)
  • Validate the solutions with at least two other end-user (health and care providers) contexts

During its 3-year journey, the CARING NATURE project will develop, test and validate 10 innovative solutions through 33 use cases in 5 European healthcare organisations located in Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain.

The development of the Caring Nature’s solutions is based on a co-creation methodology, relying on the collaboration of technology providers (universities, SMEs and industries) and end-users (healthcare providers).

Once the end-users’ needs and solutions requirements are optimally assessed, each solution is co-developed and tested in a dedicated use case within one of the five partner healthcare providers (HCPs). Then, from M19 until the end of the project at M36, the validation process of each solution is performed in at least two other use cases within two other partner HCPs. During this period, the validation and co-development process are concomitant and feed one another, to achieve efficient solutions that are perfectly aligned with project objectives and stakeholder needs.