Green Building Compass 4 Care

Since healthcare infrastructure buildings have the highest mean embodied carboncontent per m² of all building typologies, a design strategy and assessment tool focusing on the building adaptability and circularity are needed.

Green Building Compass 4 Care is an AI software-based toolkit for decision support regarding standardisation, development, design and management of Green & Resilient Healthcare facilities. Especially, it focuses on buildings’ 3 dimensions : cirularity profile, carbon profile and healing environment profile. It incorporates the Nature-Based-Infrastructure (NBI) approach as architectural design principle.

 Expected results

Green Building Compass 4 Care aims to become the cornerstone for more efficient and climate-neutral resource management in the health sector, enabling the key players in the value chain to make better-informed decisions and take action towards circular, resilient and green healthcare facilities.

Lead Developer

Co-developed and tested in

  • Use Case 9 in UKHD’s premises in Germany

Validated in

  • Use Case 8 in FHAG’s premises in Spain
  • Use Case 10 in WPH’s premises in Finland