Medical waste management is a serious problem nowadays as its volume is constantly increasing in the healthcare sector. Moreover, those waste must be transported to special units to be further processed and then fo for landfills. At the same time, hospitals need more energy for heating during cold seasons.

MED-WASTE PYROLYSIS is a pyrolysis-based solution for the management of medical waste.
On the one hand, MED-WASTE PYROLYSIS will treat the medical waste on-site reducing energy and the carbon footprint of waste management and transportation, and on the other hand, will produce clean energy to be used in hospitals.

 Expected results

MED-WASTE PYROLYSIS will allow to convert 75% of the medical waste mass into valuable goods as syngas which can be harnessed and used as a clean energy source, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels.

Lead Developer

Co-developed and tested in

  • Use Case 17 in FPG’s premises in Italy

Validated in

  • Use Case 18 in UKHD’s premises in Germany
  • Use Case 19 in WPH’s premises in Finland