ENGAGE : Participatory staff engagement model


People’s behaviour and attitudes can promote or hinder the adoption and implementation of environmentally sustainable solutions and technologies in hospitals and primary care. At the same time, environmentally sustainable solutions and technologies affect work and organizational practices in hospitals and primary care. Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop innovative methods to effectively engage health and care workers and health and care providers in a participatory knowledge-building process towards green transition in health and care systems.

ENGAGE is a participatory staff engagement model allowing to raise awareness of status, challenges and opportunities of environmental sustainability in health and care systems, find people’s innovative ideas and solutions for green transition in the organizational contexts of health and care, and contribute to mainstreaming the practical solutions developed by CARING NATURE. ENGAGE consists of the learning approach for staff engagement for green transition, a library of participatory methods, and guidelines and training for applying them.

 Expected results

Through ENGAGE, stakeholders become “owners” of the practical solutions and therefore, actors of the green transition in the healthcare sector. This will enable a quicker and better adoption of green practices in the healthcare sector.

Lead Developer

Co-developed and tested in

  • Use Case 32 in WPH’s premises in Finland

Validated in

  • Use Case 29 in FPG’s premises in Italy
  • Use Case 30 in FHAG’s premises in Spain
  • Use Case 31 in UKHD’s premises in Germany
  • Use Case 33 in 7HRC’s premises in Greece