ENER – AI-powered decision support system software for energy management


Creating accurate digital models via platforms is a complex field requiring expert knowledge to identify the system model. Different solutions for energy management have been developed but two factors are crucial for their success: domain specificity and effective AI algorithms. For the healthcare sector, energy management should follow a dynamic approach, according to the current needs.

ENER is an energy management software solution powered by AI and cloud technologies for healthcare buildings. ENER will provide an integrated approach to monitor, predict, optimise, and assess processes towards low and zero impact sustainable energy structures. It will also provide a straight-through processing of data in the integrated energy and facilities system thanks to 4.0 technologies as critical enablers of green transition.

 Expected results

ENER will lead to resources wastes, energy consumption, carbon footprint, overall economic and social costs reduction and patients/personnel comfort improvement as well as facility and energy manager/technicians analysis instruments and capacity increase.

Lead Developer

Co-developed and tested in

  • Use Case 11 in FPG’s premises in Italy

Validated in

  • Use Case 12 in FHAG’s premises in Spain
  • Use Case 13 in WPH’s premises in Finland