CleanFlow : Sustainable Wastewater Management


Hospitals around the globe require large amounts of water for their proper functioning for various health care facilities. Hospitals’ wastewater, among all other healthcare waste, imposes a grave hazard to human health and the environment because of their capability to enter watersheds and pollute surface and groundwater, when inappropriately handled and disposed to hydrosphere.

CleanFlow will assess novel processes for wastewater treatment applicable to hospitals taking into account: a) energy requirements, b) energy production, c) removal of Antimicrobial Resistance genes, d) removal of Chemical Oxygen Demand COD, e) removal of pathogens f) removal of suspended solids. The evaluated processes include: submerged anaerobic membrane bioreactor for biogas production simultaneously with hospital wastewater treatment; microbial electrolysis system for biohydrogen production simultaneously with hospital wastewater treatment; post-treatment through columns filled with powder activated carbon, colums filled with metallic iron, or aerobic membrane bioreactor.

 Expected results

CleanFlow aims to identify wastewater treatment processes that are capable of reducing pollution and being economically and environmentally sustainable.

Lead Developer

Co-developed and tested in

  • Use Case 25 in 7HRC’s premises in Greece

Validated in

  • Use Case 23 in UKHD’s premises in Germany
  • Use Case 24 in WPH’s premises in Finland